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I would do the following as your gf: show up at your door in my jammies with tasty snacks and settle in for movie night and maybe braid your hair and discuss headcanons and if you're very lucky also tell you many dumb jokes. <3


jammies and movies and playing with my hair and yes please tell me all your amazingly terrible jokes shiny that would be awesome XD *hugs you up and beams happily* 

If you were my girl/boyfriend, what would you do?




My house is strange. There’s me, i’m bisexual, and I live with my gay brother and my asexual fiance.
My brother and I have the same taste in boys, but i’m really the only one who likes girls, and my fiance is generally just really excited about dragons.

Dude I want this sitcom

is generally just really excited about dragons

'just really excited about dragons' on an asexual flag is my aesthetic omg


I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but I know Star Trek is involved.


Herc, you’re cockblocking. Please stop.

#no he&#8217;s trying to stop them#i can imagine him VERY CLEARY doing this very necessary thing#stepping RIGHT between them - breaking them apart from another one of those bizarre staring-at-each-others-mouths-and-breathing-hard-standing PLASTERED against each other in front of that damn mic#just herc the shatterdome mom bathing right through like ABSOLUTELY NOEP#speaking low and slow and HARSH and POINTEDLY AT EACH OF THEM#looking to the right first right at hermann and herc says &#8216;NOT&#8230;&#8217; turns to look at newt &#8216;&#8230;HERE&#8217;#in that &#8216;we gave guests over WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS&#8217; mom voice#&#8217;you two are distracting tendo! we&#8217;re all busy! SAVE IT&#8217;#ive always figured that this scene actually took like&#8230;two hours?#sure in film it took like five minutes but there&#8217;s no way it happened that fast#the whole mission definitely took longer but newt and hermann show up right where they&#8217;ve gotten to the breach so it&#8217;s prolly halfway through the mission#so yeah I always figured everyone in LOCCENT is exhausted and stressed as hell already#then asshole 1 &amp; 2 roll in and now instead of screaming at each other and slamming things they&#8217;re finishing each other&#8217;s sentences and clearly having some kind of weird post drift mind sex RIGHT THERE#people have their FAMILY out there and these two are PANTING#is herc happy to see them finally get with it and hit on each other? &#8230;right now??? NOT REALLY#(and are newt and hermann actually TRULY concerned with the mission and everyone&#8217;s safety? of course they are - with all their hearts)#(they just keep &#8230;getting&#8230; distracted&#8230;)
flux&#8212;and&#8212;flow these are some of your best tags yet :D


Herc, you’re cockblocking. Please stop.

flux—and—flow these are some of your best tags yet :D

This is probably less of a TMI tuesday question and more me seeking personal advice, but how did you get into kink? As another ace person, I've been really hesitant to poke my nose into that lifestyle because I'm hella intimidated and worried it wouldn't be a good fit for me, but at the same time the only kind of sexual encounters I've ever been remotely comfortable with were ones where I was in a firmly dominant role.

(Referencing this previous post)

Discussion of kinky things under the cut!

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When did you know you were Ace? (if that's already been asked, are there things that make you feel sexy? like what?)

This hasn’t been asked yet, actually! <3

I’ve pretty much figured out early on in my teens I was asexual, because while everyone around me was focused almost exclusively on dating, shagging, and discussing explicit sexual activities, I was never remotely interested in any of it. I know a lot of it had to do with my cripplingly low self esteem and self consciousness, but even if I had been attractive and popular (ha!) I don’t think I would have felt comfortable being ‘normal’ like that. Oh, I crushed on people - desperately and usually quite embarrassingly so, but it was always the sigh filled longing of wanting to hold hands, maybe kiss and make out a bit, and definitely prolonged cuddles, and usually only over fictional characters. Not only did my peers think there was something wrong with me for not wanting to talk about boys or sex in general, my father was so worried about me he made certain my therapist ‘helped’ me out of my ‘stunted sexual growth’, because I was clearly stuck in a pre-pubescent, infantile mindset and not one of a maturing adult. (Naturally this only got worse and more humiliating as I passed into my 20s and older.)

Asexuality as a term wasn’t popular 15-20 years ago, but I knew what it meant and knew it was for me - I just never said it, because who would believe me? Certainly not my bastard ex, whom I was with for six years, who regularly sexually assaulted me in order to try and ‘fix’ me. Needless to say, it didn’t work like he wanted. :( Thank god I have lazytechsupport now and forever, who not only understands me but is compatible as well. 

While I don’t like sex, I do like kink, a lot. I never feel sexy, but I like feeling dominant and powerful, even if sometimes I don’t think I’m very good it. *sheepish* When James looks at me with big soppy puppy eyes, that’s probably the closest I get to feeling sexy, because it makes me feel cherished and adored :)

Changed my icon again, although I’m sure my lovely Starry Tree will come back at some point

Despite losing three followers in the hour since I made the previous post I will probably not delete it

And will try and be positive about my face for a little while :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about gender presentation and body dysphoria lately.

I hate my body, and always have - for being too fat, too female, not female enough, too much of everything that isn’t socially acceptable - and have been wondering how much of this loathing is the opinions ingrained upon me from others and how much might be my own headspace fighting against the way I look.

Growing up I was clearly a tomboy, albeit not the rolling around in the mud type - I liked science fiction, had my nose permanently stuck in a book, was obsessed with dinosaurs and robots, practically threw a tantrum if forced to wear a dress, and basically made my parents despair over how decidedly ‘unfeminine’ I was. (When I was six my aunt gave me my first Barbie; I made a little guillotine and happily cut off her head as retaliation. My next gift was a chemistry set. I never received another doll again, and everyone learned the best thing to do was to give me books. Much better. :)

As I got older I desperately wanted to avoid puberty and everything it entailed, I pretended it wasn’t happening, that if I just ignored the fact I was suddenly growing breasts it would just go away. I didn’t get my first period until I was nearly 15, so at first it seemed like it was working, but then everything went to hell, with an enormous chest arising what seemed like overnight and a heavy, debilitating cycle that was impossible to ignore. I felt so betrayed.

I wonder if I were a teenager now, over 20 years later, if instead of talking to my therapist about how wrong it was to ignore and avoid ‘the natural course of things’ we would have instead discussed binders and dysphoria and, well, anything to do with being trans. How might that have changed me?

At the same time, from about 11 years old until nearly my late teens, I was consistently being labelled as a boy. Despite my feminine name, even after puberty attacked and my enormous chest would seemingly make it impossible to misgender me, I was still being harassed - mostly daily verbal abuse from kids poking and laughing at me because they couldn’t tell if I was a boy or a girl, because I was too ugly to be either, but I was also punched, beat up and thrown out of the ladies loo for being a boy more than once.

I’ve never felt particularly masculine, and never wanted to be a boy, but I’ve never felt feminine either. If I were thinner, I would love to wear corsets and bustleskirts, as well as waistcoats and pinstripe trousers, but feel like I’m not allowed to wear any of these things. How much of what I feel, or don’t, is me rebelling against what countless others have tried to force me to be over the years? I hated being called a boy, but was that just because it was others deciding for me what I was supposed to be?

As an actor, I was always told I’d never be cast in a female role because I wasn’t feminine enough, and the only ones I would get would be servants, because they don’t have to be. And it’s true, the only two female roles I’ve ever had were maids (admittedly one was Magenta in RHPS, but still) - I’ve done Shakespeare, Chekov, Beckett, Tennessee Williams and Tom Stoppard, but always in a male, usually secondary or comedic, role. Because I’m not womanly enough to be female, apparently. The irony of this is never lost on me, as buttons and t-shirts strain against the chest that men can’t seem to help but glance at before acknowledging my existence. 

I just…don’t know what to think about myself anymore. I dislike everything about the way I look, and feel like it doesn’t represent me, yet I hesitate to say I’m non-binary, genderqueer or even questioning, because it feels somehow disingenuous. I really wish there had been more transgender awareness available to me growing up - it may not have fixed my perception of myself, but I might not be as confused or unwilling to at least explore what I might be feeling. I don’t want to think that I feel this way because I was told I’m not an acceptable woman, so how do I know? How does anyone know?

wonderful, kind, hilarious, open-minded, exceptionally friendly and warm. A+ human!

Oh my goodness, what a lovely thing to say! I really do hope I am all these delightful things :) Thank you nonny! *hugs and blushes happily* 

How would you describe me to someone who’s never met me?

lately my life has been overwhelmed by illness, panic attacks, and stagnating, avoidant depression

so even though it may seem  unimportant, it really does mean so much when people respond to these silly tumblr memes to say nice things about me

it helps as a reminder that there’s more to me than my physical and mental illnesses, and i can’t thank you enough <3

Absolute babe and comic enabler.
big hair, big smile, big heart <3
tell me on anon how you would describe me to someone who’s never met me
Imagine Douglas Adams as the new Doctor Who showrunner


Imagine what could have been

Friendly reminder that you're an amazing person!

eeeep *hides*

Thank you very much Nonny, your kind message is ever so appreciated <3

I definitely don’t feel amazing, especially lately - some of you already know I’ve been extremely physically and mentally unwell, and hating myself rather a lot. So any reminder that I am not pathetic, useless, or unworthy of affection is always welcome :)