The Slow Dance of the Infinite Stars


Several iterations of Aziraphale and Crowley by Linpuzzle.

From Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Always reblog the glory that is linnpuzzle's art <3

if the requests aren't used up can you do Crowley protecting an injured Aziraphale?? thats my ULTIMATE fave thing



You people and your angst requests ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chelley or Azriphale/Crowley?

Our favourite Portal pair is adorable, but I can’t live without my Air Conditioning ;-)

Make me choose between two ships


So I really wanted to create this meme.

I present to you

Romantically Inept Crowley

You can add your own version of it here.

How many times have I reblogged this? Who cares it’s perfect




One of my favourite things about the Good Omens fandom is that we have so many names for the Apocolypse that wasn’t.

  • Armageddon’t
  • Armageddidn’t
  • Almostageddon
  • The Little Armageddon that Couldn’t
  • and my personal favourite: Abotchalypse

Armageddon, Armageddoff

I’m sure I’ve seen ‘Ragnaright-okay-never-mind’ which is probably my favourite.
10 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by corpsereviver2! <3

(some of you probably know these already, but I have a lot of new followers since the last time I did this meme, and the good stuff tends to get repeated as I don’t think I’m actually that interesting. ;-)

  1. I studied Classics at uni, but my degree is in Musical Theatre and I’ve only performed professionally in dramas
  2. I haven’t acted or sung on stage in over a decade though
  3. I’ve been a bookseller for most of my career, but also worked for Technicolour in Hollywood, where I got to assist and learn about post production techniques (and became friends with the people who created the special effects for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine through to Enterprise - they made magic happen huddled together in one tiny corner room, be impressed you guys) and talked my way into becoming the customer service manager/head office liaison for Star Trek: The Tour, which was awesome. 
  4. I used to volunteer at Gallifrey One, and could tell you all sorts of gossip about Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Not that I would. Because I’m not like that. ;-) (Well, okay, the only thing about Mark is that he’s a soft spoken sweetie who buys you drinks and gives great hugs. I really liked hanging out with him. Steven on the other hand…*smirk*)
  5. I can never decide if I want an otter or a dragon. Both is best.
  6. I was bitten by a wild dolphin named Jojo when I was seven; years later I was browsing a bookshop in Dublin and discovered he was actually a famous ‘psychic’ with a book written about him called ‘Journey into Dolphin Dreamtime’. I love the randomness of this fact.
  7. Pippin Took is my hero and role model, but I think I’m actually Aziraphale. (Oh no how terrible for meeee ;-)
  8. I am highly allergic to capsicum, an allergy which no one seems to believe actually exists (*long suffering sigh*) 
  9. I’ve been hospitalized many times and nearly died three of them. If you meet me in person and I seem a bit paranoid about certain things please know I have very good reasons for this :)
  10. I have nearly 25 years worth of Neil Gaiman related merchandise, promotional materials, personally signed first editions, posters, statues, t-shirts, badges, extremely rare and limited edition collectables, etc it’s obscene. I keep saying I should open a museum and one day I hope I can. God knows I could use the donation money. XD

I would like to know some random things about bootsnblossoms mistyzeo snogandagrope the-oxford-english-fangeek amuseoffyre and anyone who wants to play! 


He wasn’t feeling very well. For the last thirty miles he had been imagining that a ton of burning metal, rubber, and leather was a fully functioning automobile, and the Bentley had been resisting him fiercely.

Crowley becoming increasingly unhinged as the book goes on is my favorite part of Good Omens. This is hardly an original concept (pretty sure every GO fanartist draws the flaming Bentley at least once), but it’s such a powerful mental image, I couldn’t resist.

Hi Errrr I saw you took 6 requests ? If I am not too late, can I ask for some Aziraphale and snake!Crowley? Or maybe Aziraphale protecting Crowley from Hastur ? *hide in the shadows* *shy*



Since I drew Snake!Crowley waaayyyy back here I went with the other prompt (>////<)

BAMF Aziraphale is always welcome on my blog :D


Cast of Radio 4’s Good Omens so far:

Peter Serafinowicz - Crowley

Mark Heap - Aziraphale

Colin Morgan - Newton Pulsifer

Josie Lawrence - Agnes Nutter

Paterson Joseph - Famine 

Louise Brealy

Clive Russell

Julia Deakin

Simon Jones

Arsher Ali

+ Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman!

Wow, I haven’t seen Mark Heap since he was on Spaced - I was sceptical but now I can see why he was chosen for Aziraphale XD 

Patterson Joseph as Famine is still the best casting decision, but even though I wish the cast were more diverse I’m pretty chuffed with everyone so far :)

Your taste in music, I trust a great deal, so if you do the Antho-based mix (or even CoT-based, for that matter), it’ll be a good listen!

Ahhh thank you darling, that means so much to me *blushes happily and hugs you tight* <3 I only hope I can live up to the expectations ;-)

I am definitely making a CoT fanmix, I have too many sighing thoughts about our beloved idiots not to at least make the attempt. I fear there may be rather a lot of the same artists on both playlists, but oh well! That just means I listen to emotionally compromising music, right? *grins impishly*

oh god save me I’m drowning in Temeraire feels

why did I think it was a good idea to browse the tag

why is this fandom so small

why doesn’t every fandom have dozens of temeraire aus 

why won’t anyone talk to me about how much they love dragons


What do you mean this wasn’t what happened

no this is exactly how it happened i’m so glad there was a documentary crew present to record it

Aziraphale (and it can't be book related!)

Cheeky! :-P

We both have a fondness for tartan. (Especially punk plaids. ;-) We’re both hoarders collectors, addicted to sushi, underestimated by everyone, and we’re both soft and friendly but definitely have a bastard streak a mile wide. :D

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what we have in common?


Ineffable dorks


Ineffable dorks


But Lo.

Crowley always hated it when Aziraphale got bored.


But Lo.

Crowley always hated it when Aziraphale got bored.